Chestnut Pale Manufacturers and Stockists

CWP Fencing
Tel: 07985 298221
Colin Roots
Chestnut materials and fencnig, Sussex post and cleft rail

Estate Fencing Ltd
Tel: 01424 775 333
Sales Dept
Chestnut fencing & stakes

E.J Holmes & Sons Ltd
Tel: 01622 842 797
Sales Dept
Chestnut fencing and stakes. FSC Certified

Jon Walker Timber
Tel: 0115 965 5150

Say it with wood
Tel: 07958 345833
High quality cleft and sawn fencing, gates and installations using naturallresistant British timber. CPET compliant.

Torry Hill Chestnut Fencing Ltd
Tel: 01795 886 020
Sales Dept
Chestnut fencing manufacturers, cleft post and rails plus stakes. FSC Pure 100%