Fastenings, Fittings, Tools and Accessories

Tel:  01270 585959
Fencing  ring clips,  tool, staples , BS443, Stainless  steel  etc

Corwen  Forestry  timber  Products Ltd 
Tel:  01490 440316
All Types  Available

Carpenters Mate
Tel:  0845 241 9862
Stocklists  of a wide  range  of high  quality  fasteners  and  fixings

Procter Concrete  and Fencing  Products
Tel: 0113 2862586
Jason Torvill  Fence and Gates fittings

SITEMATE  – 0345-450-9000  –   SALES office –   SITEMATE®, the newest of the Birkdale brands, offering a fast growing range of tools and fixings for the fencing contractor.