A Fresh Energy In Fencing Supplies

To some, Woodbank Timber might be viewed as the vibrant new kids on the block in the fencing industry; however, this vibrancy is built around a solid team with a wealth of experience and technical expertise. Woodbank Timber has, in a handful of years, become one of the UKs largest importers and distributors of fencing material for the Domestic and Agricultural sectors.

This success has largely been down to the company philosophy of supply security. Adrian Howden the company’s Head of Sales goes on to explain, “Here at Woodbank Timber we do not make promises without being 100% confident we can fulfil them, in a competitive environment such as the timber industry, reputation is everything. Our strength comes from the passion and dedication each individual has in the team to getting it right, we listen carefully to what each of our valued customers wants, and do everything we can to achieve it – focusing on that delicate balance of price, service and quality.”

The company operates from a 15 acre site in Ipswich which it shares with sister company Anglo Norden Forest Products. The two companies’ combined – offer an unrivalled shopping basket of material for the merchant/distributor of timber products. Woodbank Timber carry large volumes of on the ground stock to service their customer base. Richard Greenaway the company’s Commercial Director says, “Our focus is to ensure our customers can place orders with total confidence, drawing from our extensive stocks here in the port of Ipswich, we provide our customers with the very best service possible, whether it is Traditional Lap or Featheredge Panels, 5’6” Fencing stakes, or a more specialised Continental Panel, even during the busiest times; we deliver”.

With the ability to successfully distribute a huge array of quality products throughout the UK, it is perhaps not that surprising to see how this company has managed to achieve such impressive growth.

Woodbank Timber is keen to promote the industry wide acceptance of UC4 material as the standard for in ground applications as Adrian describes “With our SurePine™ brand, we have developed a fine reputation and a strong point of difference in the marketplace. We offer only slow grown Kiln Dried Imported Pine 15 year Warranted UC4 post material. It is widely known and understood that Pine is the most suitable of the commercially available species to use when pressure treating in ground contact material. Its permeable properties allow for full sapwood penetration of the chemical. There is no need to incise Pine, just a requirement to dry and treat it correctly – something our SurePine™ brand guarantees.”

The theme of quality clearly underpins all of Woodbank Timber’s product lines, the company has recently introduced a traditional panel range, Richard explains, “The Lap Panels and Featheredge Panels we stock have been very well received. These, along with our large range of Continental Panels, Trellis, Furniture, Field Gates, Garden Arches and Arbours, as well as a large variety of Sawn material presents our valued customers a unique opportunity to extend and grow their own outdoor range which ultimately leads to generating new sales and increased turnover. Our pick-a-pack mixed delivery service is both flexible and fast, allowing our customers to manage yard stocks more efficiently, and helps Owners and Managers to take stock days out of their business.”

There is definite sense of energy and drive within Woodbank Timber which is infectious, the company continues to develop and is clearly committed to the education of the end user, it has invested in an online e-learning platform exclusively for the use of its customers and with a new and exciting website currently under construction, Woodbank Timber is clearly focused on looking to the future in the fencing sector.