When Robert Scott joined the family business in September 2007 he could have taken the easy option of continuing the good work done by his predecessors, but he had a vision of where the business needed to go to survive and prosper in a tough market. Together with his father Andrew and some key members of staff, he developed a long term investment plan. This has involved additional Resawing capability, handling systems, saw servicing equipment and the installation of a complete Bandmill with an Edger and two high speed cross cutting lines. The latest project was the upgrade of their main sawmill, which included the installation of a Soderhamn Eriksson reducer quad bandsaw as well as a new high speed edging line. The upgrade also included new 3D scanning and optimisation software. To improve productivity a Stenner MHS12 Horizontal Resaw was installed into the line in early September 2017. Stenner have a number of MHS10 resaws integrated into Canter lines but it was necessary to invest in the larger MHS12 to fully capitalise on the speed capability of the whole line.

Francis Wilbur, Operations Director at A & J Scott led the team that managed the project. Production stopped at 6am on Saturday and the existing equipment was removed. By lunchtime the following Tuesday the first boards were put through the Stenner. The order was placed with Stenner in March 2017 with project meetings taking place at Ligna in May 2017 and an additional project meeting was held on site in June.

Francis commented ‘This particular project was one of the better ones, from placing the order through to start up, the AJS team, along with STENNER, maintained a thorough approach to the planning of the project and as a result the installation was on time and production downtime was minimised. We are now looking forward to realising the production improvements the saw will give us’

Stenner Managing Director Syd Mather adds “We often hear about partnerships between suppliers and customers working to mutual benefit and I can honestly say that this is definitely the case here. Both party’s committed significant time and effort to the project and it really paid off for us all.”

‘The decision to invest in the MHS12 horizontal bandsaw was an easy one, with the ever increasing need for production flexibility and higher sawn yield it was an obvious addition to the sawline and compliments the investments made in 2016’ added Mr Scott.