AGRICISED® – Long life fencing posts and strainers

Investment in fencing needs to deliver long lasting results with confidence that timbers will withstand the elements which is precisely what M&M Timber’s market leading Agricised range delivers.

Agricised machine rounded and peeled timbers feature a scientifically designed incising process for increased protection delivering a virtual ‘zone of confidence’ at the critical area where the post is at most risk of decay.

During production, the machine rounded timbers pass through a purpose designed incising head that helps
improve treatable surface area with a band of consistent and uniformed incisions.  These incisions reach a depth of up to 6mm and can span up to two thirds of the posts length. The incising also serves to ease surface tension and reduces the implications of surface cracking.

Agricised timbers are dried to 40% moisture for spruce and 30% for pine species prior to treatment with Tanalith E wood preservative.  TANALITH E is a tried and tested copper based wood preservative from Lonza with high performance credentials, particularly for ground contact timbers. The preservative is forced deep into the vulnerable sapwood cells of the softwood timbers under a proven high pressure treatment process.  The incising allows a deeper and more consistent penetration of the wood preservative to deliver a high performance product with assured long term protection against decay and insect attack.

With anti-twist four sided points, Agricised is the number one choice for fencing projects support with a 15 year warranty.  Each post is tagged with a stainless steel, no rust nail with date recognition.

M&M Timber are now one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and specialists of machine rounded timber products and the supplier of choice to the agricultural, utility, commercial, landscaping, land owner and play market sectors. Operating from a 25-acre site at Clows Top, near Kidderminster where all
timbers are manufactured. The business is a division of the Forest Garden Group who provide M&M Timber with extensive support to remain focussed on product development, adding value to its key customer base through innovation.