High Performance Crosscutting System installed by Daltons Wadkin

Arbor Forest Products Limited need little introduction within the timber industry, operating as they do the largest privately owned port and timber terminal in the UK and supplying more than 225,000 cubic metres of timber to the building and construction trades every year.

The company have long established supply agreements with some of the finest sawmills in Scandinavia and Russia, and their adjacent mill facility at New Holland North Lincolnshire can process more than 35 million metres of timber per annum.

In spite of their existing capacity however the company recognised the need to further update and increase their crosscutting performance, subsequently approaching Andy Walsh, Sales Director at Daltons Wadkin, for information concerning the renowned Salvador range of high speed crosscutting systems for which Daltons Wadkin are the sole UK distributors.

Andy put forward a Salvador Superpush 250 Optimus push feed fully programmable optimising saw with automatic loading system which met all of Arbor Forest’s requirements.  Accordingly the new Salvador was delivered, installed and commissioned by Daltons Wadkin at Arbor Forest’s New Holland mill and has been in full production ever since. The Salvador replaced an existing saw which required four operators for loading and unloading, but the new crosscut being equipped with chain loading, waste trap door and automatic outfeed/ejection has enabled one man operation.

Andy said, “It was a privilege to supply a very significant and high profile business like Arbor Forest and we are confident that the Salvador Superpush 250 will have a very positive impact on their production facility.”

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