Birkdale’s new Gatemate® Easifit Adjustable Gate Post System

Birkdale’s continued investment in product development and their persistant drive to lead the market in innovation has resulted in the development of the new patented Easi-fit Adjustable Gate Post System.

The strong durable 150mm (6”) galvanised steel and black powder coated posts are ideal for automated entrance gates and were born from time spent working with customers and listening to feedback highlighting their continued frustration of having to adjust the hinges to compensate for the post being incorrectly installed or movemement from the timber posts.

Having 100% vertical adjustabliltiy, thanks to the unique patented high load quick fit fixings, allows the installer to fit the standard hinges at any position without the need to drill, thread or weld.

The Easi-fit Adjustable Gate Post System saves the installer valueable fitting time and money. Plus, the corrosion resistant galvanised steel and epoxy black powder coating gives them a sleek, long-lasting finish to ensure durability.

In addition to the steel posts, installers can upgrade their project to include the fully 3D Adjustable Hinges. These unique pivot hinges include precision engineered bearings allowing them to hinge high loads smoothly and efficiently. Using the 3D Adjustable Hinge allows the installer to position the pivot on the corner of the post preventing finger trapping. What’s more, there are no other hinge systems available on the market which have this benefit.

Together with the 3D Adjustable Hinges, the Easi-fit Adjustable Gate Post System allows the installer to position the gate as directed by the Door and Hardware Federation’s training guidelines and to comply with the safety standards as directed under the CE certification of automated gates.