Dave Rogerson, In-Hand Farms & Fencing Manager of 90,000 acres on the Thornhill part of Buccleuch Estates says “as everyone knows, one of the biggest factors in the cost of fencing is labour.”

“Everything now has to be more mechanised and efficient in order to be cost-effective. More labour does not mean more output in a cost-effective sense. Investing in machinery and equipment that allows less reliance on labour has to be coupled with an increase in output. “This means as far as fencing is concerned that you have to erect more metres per day per man. It is the only way to survive.

Central to this big turnaround are Bryce post drivers Dave says “we use Bryce because they give performance, reliability and low wear rates. They also have extremely good residual values.”

After working their way up the scale using various models of Bryce tractor-mounted machines since 2003, it is the Bryce 180 Pro tracked post driver that has transformed the whole operation. Mr. Rogerson continues “the 180 Pro has allowed us to go from 4 men to now only 2 and maintain the same daily output.

Jock Bryce is very passionate about what he does and that can be clearly seen by anyone in what he produces. All Bryce post drivers have the hallmark of quality and the 180 Pro is no exception. We can go anywhere on the Estate and erect any type of fencing – from the hilltops to the river valleys the 180 Pro always gets the job done.”

James Anderson and David McFadzean are the two highly capable men that erect the fences. James and David praise the 180 Pro’s amazing versatility whether it be driving posts in woodland, pheasant pens, stock handling pens or all types of net fences including deer fencing on Buccleuch Estates recent new deer farming enterprise.

Both men highlight the exclusive Bryce features of the 180 Pro. “When working on steep hard hill country round here, you need the hitting power, safety and stability of the Bryce machine “.

David recently went to drive in strainers for a local fencing colleague who had a different make of tracked machine which had suffered a breakdown. As James said ” the guy was seriously impressed and mesmerised as he had never seen a Bryce working before”.

The final word comes from Mr. Rogerson ” when you consider the cost of a tractor and knocker versus a quality high performance tracked machine, it’s a no-brainer. Look no further than the Bryce 180 Pro.”

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