Crowe Sawmills, based at Mohill in Ireland, is developing a strong, stable offering that would put most politicians to shame!

No empty promises or vacuous words here!

Over the past five years Crowe Sawmills has developed a flourishing market across Ireland’s large equestrian community for fully bespoke, high-end timber stables and high quality stables doors.

Crowe Sawmills owner Alan Crowe took up the story: “Our handcrafted stables are all individually built to our customers’ requirements with drawings prepared for ultimate peace of mind.

“These are buildings that are built to last and should be good for a lifetime assuming the customer adopts the right treatment practices and maintenance.

“I’d be only too happy to have one of these buildings next to my own home which is the rule of thumb I use with all the products we manufacture. If it’s good enough for me it’s good enough for our customers!

“Constructed from Larch timber that’s been pressure treated with Koppers’ own AC500 solution, the stables are designed to stand on concrete footings or foundations prepared in advance by the customer and are built on site by our team.

“There’s also a variety of internal and external cladding finishes that each customer can chose from,” added Alan.

Prices for a 3.6m x 3.6m space start at around 3,500 Euros with all galvanized fittings and fixings included within the cost.

Alan continued: “We always aim to be fully transparent on costs from the outset so that our customers know exactly where they stand.

“Unlike many other Irish timber stables suppliers all of our buildings are fully bespoke which means that any number of stables can be placed side by side and we can incorporate additional areas internally such as tack rooms and carports.

“In addition to the stable buildings we are also seeing strong demand for our Swedish Redwood stable doors.

“A Swedish Redwood stable door is manufactured from 150mm x 30mm of Swedish Redwood timber braced with 150mm x 30mm and a sheet of plywood fixed to the rear of the door. Each door can be stained with a teak stain, pressure treated green, clear deck oil or a colour of your own choosing.

“These are high quality products with value for money in mind and manufactured by skilled craftsmen using the very best materials. We’re very proud of the impact they’ve made in Ireland, a nation not known for its timber stables. One by one we’re changing that!” added Alan.

Crowe Sawmills’ stables and stable doors are clearly built to last the distance which is more than can be said for our politicians, wherever you stand!