DeckWright Anti-Slip adds grip to more decking

It’s been a busy year for WJ Group and the company’s DeckWright Anti-Slip brand so far. As decking season kicked in, interest in both the anti-slip service and DeckWright Inserts grew significantly, with recent completed projects including a marina area and the bespoke anti-slipping of timber sleepers for installation at a well-known national holiday park chain.

Developed from a unique formulation of aggregate and resin that sit within the grooves of deck boards, DeckWright Anti-Slip is a robust and long-lasting solution for commercial and residential decking projects.

Comments Mark Eggleston, WJ Group MD: “We’re a little unique where anti-slip decking is concerned in that we can help our customers enhance most profiles of timber decking with a machine applied anti-slip formulation – even working with timber sleepers – in addition to offering a retro-fit product (DeckWright Inserts) that is ideal for both small and much larger projects. So, we can resolve the problem of slippery decking in a wide variety of locations.”

Whilst wet decking seems less of an issue during the summer months, heavy downpours can heighten the risk of slipping in an instant and much new decking is installed from spring to autumn. It’s a key time for the DeckWright brand to build its awareness and with this in mind, WJ Group will be exhibiting at the Glee garden trade show at the NEC in September and the long-established Grand Designs Live in October – also at the NEC in Birmingham.

Mark continues: “There’s still a huge target audience – both businesses and end users – who are not aware of the professional solutions that are available to reduce the risk of slippery decking. Attending exhibitions is just one aspect of our marketing that is designed to drive the message to a relevant audience. We attended Grand Designs Live last year and it was very effective at generating interest for DeckWright with end users, who then visited our stockists to make their purchase.”

To learn more about DeckWright Anti-Slip, visit or phone WJ Group on 01482 338950.