Expansion of fleet at Calders and Grandidge

The fleet at Calders and Grandidge is an ever evolving asset and we are proud to announce that we have a new vehicle added to the Fencing Lorry fleet.

The vehicle is a flatbed lorry and has a front mounted crane meaning that the bed of the body allows on overhang at rear so can deliver loads up to 9.5m long in length offering us increased flexibility when it comes to getting your order to you wherever in the UK you are.

The new vehicle vastly increases the amount of timber we are able to deliver, it is able to carry up to 8655kg with a state of the art crane system installed, and the crane has a maximum load capacity 2170 kg at 8.5 m reach, meaning we can get your timber to you wherever you require it to be off loaded.

The vehicle is compliant to FORS Bronze standard including vehicle camera’s lane departure warning system, anti-collision and KONE wing mirror attachments, these safety features are essential for the conditions on the road.