Glennon Brothers have continued their investment in their Windymains Timber business with the installation of a state of the art incising machine. Windymains, strategically located in Humbie, near Edinburgh, produces in excess of 125,000m³ of specialist fencing and treated timber per year from the 22 acre site.

The installation of the incising machine which was built by RJH in North America is the latest evolution of incising machines developed specifically for the European market and is the latest in a series of investments at Humbie in recent years.  As well as a state of the art automated treatment plant, investments in a Kallfass re-saw line have seen Windymains Timber continue to grow and lead the way in sawmilling.

Cameron Reynolds, Sales Manager for Windymains Timber says “we are always looking at ways to increase the products we offer, it was clear by listening to our customers that there was a demand for a warrantied treated post. The addition of the incising machine has enabled us to offer this”.

Incising is not a new technology, it has been successfully used in the USA to help treat the resistant species there for many decades. It has become more popular on UK and Irish shores over the past few years as quality continues to increase and the incising technology is adapted for UK and European species of timber.

Glennon Brothers as a leading influential sawmill, also takes its responsibility to the local forestry industry and the environment seriously.  Glennon Brothers CEO, David Rodger, continues “We are keen to support the local forestry sector which supplies mainly Spruce logs, the addition of the incising machine will enable us to add high quality spruce posts correctly treated to BS8417 UC4 with a 15-year warranty to our range. Using locally sourced Spruce logs also keeps our carbon footprint down, which is important to us”.

Mill Manager Neil Patterson was heavily involved in the setup of the incising machine explained some of the challenges and benefits; ‘The install was just the start, we had to make sure the setup was just right to ensure we produce a correct and consistent level of treatment into every piece of timber. We sent many pieces of timber away for lab analysis to enable us to optimize the machine and I am delighted with the results we are achieving. The versatility of the machine is a key benefit, we are able to incise a wide range of dimensions and more flexible in the products that can be produced’.

Windymains have been encouraged at the success of their incising machine and have received many enquiries about their new range of incised products since the launch at the beginning of this year. For enquiries please contact Cameron Reynolds on 01875 321950 or visit our website: