Hales Noisestop Acoustic Screens Range given CE Mark Certification

Hales Noisestop Acoustic Screens have been given official CE Certification by BSI for all of their systems including the Recyclable Hoarding System Design.

This certification to BS EN 14388-2005 is the official document required by all of the Highways areas (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) to enable supply of Road Traffic Noise Reducing Devices to these contracts and is also a requirement for trunk road projects.

Hales Noisestop decided to work with BSI as they would be sure that every aspect of compliance would be met to avoid any concerns regarding none UK based test facilities and Notified Bodies based in the EU.

Hales Noisestop are able to provide structural calculations based on local site conditions provided to them to include both steel and timber post sizes, together with design calculations for panels of various heights and designs.

This has been a challenge to get to this position using all UK facilities but we are pleased to be able to be one of the first companies to be totally compliant using timber or steel post systems with UK based accreditation.

Hales will continue to develop their range of Acoustic products and have new systems in the development/testing stages to meet the needs of specifiers for all types of noise reduction in addition to road, rail, industrial and housing requirements, which are already well established.





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