Locinox launches the Puma hinge: the aesthetic solution for residential gates

Gates and fences are there to protect houses and everything around them. Nowadays, fences get a more aesthetic function: they can (and must) have a beautiful look! Locinox seconds that and therefore launches a new hinge: Puma. A hinge that looks good without loss of the well-known quality this sector-innovating company stands for.

Flexibility rules

The Puma hinge supports gates up to 1 m wide and weighing max. 60 kg, without loss of convenience. Both height and width of the hinge can be adjusted. The 180° opening angle ensures an easy passing through at all times. Thanks to Puma’s smooth and aesthetic housing it can be combined with the most modern gate concepts.

Quick-Fix: easy to install

There are even more advantages! No welding is needed to install the hinges and the pre-mounted Quick-Fix plugs make it all very easy.

Obviously, Puma hinges meet all strict Locinox quality standards: weatherproof thanks to the use of stainless materials.

Dino: Puma’s big brother

Need a hinge for a larger or heavier gate? Select Puma’s big brother: the double bearing Dino hinge. This hinge also has an aesthetic design and a 180° opening angle; Quick-Fix makes it easy to install.

Locinox is a pioneering international company that clearly leaves its mark on the sector of fences, perimeter security and access control. Not only as a manufacturer of high-quality hardware for gates and fences, but even more as an innovating company that constantly challenges the fence sector.