A new range of solar powered electric fencing energisers from Gallagher offers reliability and flexibility and the capacity to power fences up to 30km long.

“We have invested in the development of robust, lightweight solar powered energizers to meet the demand for reliable energisers that do not require an external power source,” explains Mark Oliver, UK Regional Sales Manager with Gallagher Europe. “Advances in solar power technologies allow increased operational effectiveness even in reduced levels of sunlight.

“The result is a range of lightweight energizers that works on daylight, giving the perfect solution for a farmer who is in an area without a power supply or needs a mobile fence that covers long distances.”

The range comprises of seven energisers ranging from the entry level S10 which has a stored energy capacity of 0.1 Joules, weighs 1.9kg and will power a 1km fence, through to the outstanding top of the range S400.

The S400 is one of the strongest integrated solar devices on the market with a stored energy capacity of 4.0 Joules, can power an impressive 30km of fence while being easily moved and connected. The energizer weighs just 12kg.

New technology allows Gallagher to power a fence of up to 30 km using a relatively small solar panel. The solar panel is integrated in the device and as it works on daylight, as opposed to direct sunlight, is more reliable, working across all weather conditions. The energisers also features a unique battery management system which ensures that at times when there is not enough daylight, such as during short winter days, the device automatically slows down the pulse on the fence. This spares the battery, while ensuring the fence is sufficiently powered at all times. This system guarantees that the farmer can be certain that his fence will be powered all year round.

“The Gallagher solar range offers farmers a user-friendly and cost-effective solution to powering electric fences with high reliability,” Mr Oliver continues. “Using a Gallagher solar energiser reduces running costs, increases peace of mind because the fence will be adequately powered and avoids the need to regularly check and replace batteries.”