PEL Solar Energisers – How do they work?

Innovations in technology mean solar installations are now a practical and cost-effective method of powering areas where mains power is either unavailable or impractical.

A solar panel is made up of a number of photovoltaic cells connected in series. Electricity is generated between the front and back of each cell. Combined into a solar panel, these cells can produce enough voltage to charge a regular 12 volt battery.

The solar panel normally ensures that the battery remains charged at all times. The battery stores the energy generated by the panel, and powers the energizer 24 hours a day.

The solar panel will provide enough charge each day to maintain the battery’s charge within its operational range (ideally over 50% charge). The solar panel selected should be able to replenish energy used by the energizer each day, so as to keep the battery in a healthy charge condition.

Any additional energy available above this daily requirement can be stored to improve the state of the battery, if not already fully charged. A PEL Energiser can maintain power to your fence for up to 21 days without any sunlight.

Why choose PEL?

PEL Solar Energisers are ideal for strip grazing, or land away from your main property where mains power is not available as a stand alone unit, without the need to replace batteries. PEL have been manufacturing electric fencing to power your land since 1968 and are proven to be effective in what they do.

Unlike some other brands PEL delivers a constant output to your fence, giving you peace of mind that your livestock is protected. We measure our Energisers by output joules, not stored joules. Output joule technology means that the resistance is built into the fencer. Not all Energisers work in this way.

Output joules are like the accelerator in your vehicle, when you hit the accelerator, more fuel is available to the engine. As resistance is applied to your fence, the Energiser can increase the output to ensure constant power is maintained to protect your livestock. Choose PEL to deliver the power you need to your fence lines.

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