It’s over 110 years since Alan Crowe’s Great Uncle Dick started up his sawmilling operation at Mohill in County Leitrim and you’d suspect he’d be very proud of the progress made in the intervening years.

Currently headed up by Alan and his father Mack, the sawmill has gone from strength to strength underpinned by an unswerving commitment to manufacturing quality products and offering added value.

Alan explained: “Quality is key at Crowe’s Sawmill. We are all about manufacturing fencing and timber products that offer longevity and reliability. We believe that there is a correlation between price, quality and value.

“All of our timber is green treated in our tank using Koppers Performance Chemicals’ range of solutions. Not only do we great support and back up from Koppers and have done since we started using their solutions in 2006 but it also adds to the quality and integrity of the end product.

“Around 70-80% of our customers are domestic homeowners these days. Trade custom accounted for the lion’s share up to about 20 years ago but demand from the domestic market has grown as we’ve increased our range of timber products.

“There’s a regular flow of customers visiting our yard and, whilst we don’t do installation ourselves, we do recommend two or three trusted contractors who we know are up to the job. That’s a bit of added extra value.

“We also provide a delivery service. That’s another crucial bit of added value. Without offering that service, using either couriers or our own fleet, we’d be hard pressed to make any impact in places like Dublin which is a 90 minute drive away.

“We’d lose out on valuable business if we didn’t deliver so sometimes you have to go the extra miles!” added Alan who has been working as the 4th generation at the family firm since leaving college 20 years ago.

All of the timber that passes through Crowe’s Sawmills is domestically sourced with Douglas Fir and Larch products proving to be the most popular sellers.

A glance at their comprehensive, engaging website reveals the range of products manufactured at Mohill.

Alan went on “We stock large amounts of fencing products such as mortice posts, rails, gate posts, fence boards and fence panels. We manufacture all of our own gates which are made from the highest standard of timber and can manufacture to bespoke requirements.

“The overriding concern though is ensuring a quality approach in everything we do. Our customers appreciate that!” concluded Alan.

Crowe’s Sawmills Ltd

Mohill, Co, Leitrim,


Tel: 071 963 1040