RZSS Highland Wildlife Park Benefits from Hampton Steel’s Fencing

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RZSS Highland Wildlife Park recently chose Hampton’s quality PVC coated chain link fencing and hinged Hampton NET™ fixed knot fencing to help house their resident wolverine. The design and ultimate construction of the new enclosure was the culmination of many discussions involving Hampton distributor and fencing experts, Highland Industrial Supplies, and RZSS Highland Wildlife Park experts Stephen Plowman, Property and Estates Manager, and Douglas Richardson, Head of Living Collections. The fence needed to provide peace of mind in terms of functionality, but also sit comfortably from an aesthetics perspective.

The largest member of the weasel family, wolverine are bold, powerful animals resembling a combination of a small bear and a badger.  With short, stocky legs, broad paws and long, sharp claws, the need to provide a fencing solution to help inhibit the wolverine’s ability to burrow under the fence was imperative. The solution was provided by lengths of chain link fencing and Hampton NET™ fencing with the top section providing an overhang to help prevent scaling, the lower laid at a 90 degree angle to function as an anti burrowing device. Coupled with agricultural electric line wires, the result was a very aesthetically pleasing enclosure allowing visitors to experience these wonderful animals contained in a safe and natural environment.

RZSS Highland Wildlife Park’s first wolverine, a male called Xale, arrived from Helsinki Zoo via sister park RZSS Edinburgh Zoo, back in April 2013. A year later the current breeding female, Tina, arrived from Boras Safari Park in Sweden in February 2015. Testament to how well adjusted Xale and Tina are to their new home was the birth of two kits in February this year.

Also benefitting from Hampton’s PVC coated chain link fencing at RZSS Highland Wildlife Park are the Arctic foxes. There are currently two Arctic foxes in residence, a female called Elf born in 2008 who arrived at the park in 2012 and a new male called Kilan from the Czech Republic joined Elf on 29th May 2014. The arctic fox is now extinct in Scotland but was found there up to the last Ice Age. Nowadays, it lives throughout the Arctic region, with Scandinavian animals migrating south to the Baltic coast for the winter.

Recent improvements to the Arctic fox enclosure saw the use of Hampton’s fencing providing safe secure environments designed to last in some testing weather conditions.

RZSS Highland Wildlife Park is open to visitors all year round, see www.highlandwildlifepark.org.uk to plan your visit.

Call Hampton’s experienced sales team to discuss your fencing requirements on 01933 234070, visit www.hamptonsteel.co.uk to view the full product range.