At Calders and Grandidge we get requests relating to a diverse range of Pressure Treated Timbers and we have supported many interesting projects in recent times.

We have supplied treated timber to high profile film sets, for ship masts, timber forts, bespoke equine facilities and many other projects. Our customers call upon our expertise in particular where high quality and reliability is crucial and the application may be safety critical. Our reputation has been built on supplying the utility market with pressure treated timber poles, railway sleepers and the professional fencing market for decades.

One of the many specialist projects we have supplied is treated timber poles for Lincolnshire Wildlife Park’s new tiger enclosure. This enclosure is currently the biggest Tiger enclosure is the UK and Steve Nichols the CEO of the facility had this to say when asked of his experience when dealing with Calders and Grandidge. “After looking around and searching we came across Calders and Grandidge, and from the very first phone call they have been phenomenal, they’ve been brilliant in showing us what we can have, what we should have, how much it will cost and it’s not all about how cheap the timber is, more than anything it about how safe the tigers are, how safe you are, so we want to be paying the right price but not getting ripped off and we are happy to say all the way through that’s what we got from Calders!”

We were fortunate enough to film behind the scenes with Steve and to see the dedication and love he has for all his animals was amazing but the relationship he has with the tigers is nothing short of extraordinary and was a real privilege to watch. If you’d like to see the Tigers yourself or the other animals at the park please visit www. lincswildlife.com for more details.

We get asked to provide timber for many projects and as Steve has said we will assist you when planning the project through our customer service, technical support and quality teams. Calders and Grandidge also have WPA Benchmark Quality Scheme accreditation for for preservative pre-treated wood and are a founder member of the Wood Protection Association (WPA).

If you have any projects in mind which require treated timber gates in standard or bespoke designs, treated fencing, utility poles, landscaping timbers or outdoor furniture don’t hesitate to contact us on 01205 358866, email enquiries@caldersandgrandidge. com or visit our website www. caldersandgrandidge.com and we will be more than happy to help.