The evolving story of Huddersfield-based TJ Garden Products is a lesson for businesses everywhere!

Founded in 2004 by partners Tracie Bailey and Julian Atkinson, the business has morphed from installing decking into a retail and manufacturing operation that is increasingly targeting wholesale customers across the UK as well as locally based domestic customers.

“We’ve evolved with every passing year,” explained Tracie “and now focus principally on selling decking kits, fencing, sheds and other garden products.

“We developed into a retail operation in 2007 and then decided to start manufacturing our own range of traditional fence panels from the same venue.

“In recent years we’ve placed increasing store on building up our wholesale business with builders’ merchants and garden centres proving a big target area. We have recruited a ‘rep’ to help build a network of customers. Wholesale is currently 20% of our business but is growing.

“We are in the process of creating a specific website to support shed sales and, if successful, we plan to go down the same path with fence panels.

“Life never stands still at TJ Garden Products! We are always looking at strategic ways of growing the business,” added Tracie.

Rising timber prices from Europe due to fluctuating exchange rates is a major issue for many fencing firms although any impact has yet to ‘bite’ TJ Garden Products.

“A lot of companies have raised prices in recent times but we’ve managed to keep ours fairly stead due to having a good network of suppliers in eastern Europe.

“As well as manufacturing panels ourselves, we also import ready made panels from Poland. We are unique in that we supply 6 foot wide panels which helps to reduce prices as well as the hassle associated with installation.

“The challenge of maintaining adequate stock levels is another one we’ve risen to and we feel we are in a great position going forward to deal with demand.

“When it comes to costs it’s an industry wide issue that impacts on everyone. It’s the same for all but we will endeavor to keep prices as low as possible for what are top quality products,” concluded Tracie.

All told, TJ Garden Products is getting the formula right with a committed focus on quality products at good prices as well as a never ending quest to explore new markets. It’s a lesson to all!