Like its customers – fencing contractors up and down the land – Tornado knows the difference between a good fencing job and a poor one. It knows the difference between a fence that’s easy to make and a fence that will actually do the job that’s needed (and will do so to the exacting demands of the most knowledgeable fencing contractors).

Understanding the intricacies of the agricultural fencing market and having the capability, as a manufacturer, to produce and supply products to meet all its customers’ needs is key to the Tornado approach.

Tornado customers over the years appreciate and benefit from the fact that the company is very much more than just a manufacturer of fencing – it is a partner in their livestock fencing projects. The company believes it has the best products and, with distribution centres in both England and Scotland, it also has the capability to supply rapidly, even at the busiest times of year.

Through its dialogue with contractors, its contractor network, focus groups, social media and other tools, Tornado invests the time to listen to what its contractors want. Stock availability is a key issue; when contractors are working on projects which can be susceptible to unpredictable weather windows, they need to know that they can get the products they need, delivered where they need them, reliably and quickly. Tornado is constantly investing in its capability to service growing demand. Having recently invested in major upgrades to the stock and distribution centre at its Millom manufacturing site, the company has made significant investments in stock to service demand during the upcoming peak season.

With a background in fencing, Tornado is different from other manufacturers. Tornado’s Managing Director was himself a fencing contractor 36 years ago, so the needs of the industry and of customers have always been an integral part of the company philosophy. That is why the company was the first in the UK to manufacture high tensile steel fencing – the company recognised that this was, and still is, a key customer requirement. There is need for a fence which is stronger, longer-lasting, flexible, easier to install and does not require re-tensioning every year.