As a traditional, independent timber importer and merchant Haverford West-based Merlwood is a bit of a rarity these days.

MD Mike James who co founded Merlwood with business partner Jeff Lloyd in 1996 commented: “There are not many businesses like us around these days but we’re far from a dying breed. As the bigger players in the timber importing sector continue to expand, it seems as though smaller, more focused businesses such as ourselves are becoming less common.

“We do what we do well and have a clearly defined geographical target area that encompasses South and South West Wales. From Aberystwyth across to the Severn Bridge including the M4 corridor, we’re well known in these parts!

“Supplying timber and builders merchants of all sizes including the biggest names, we’ve nurtured a reputation for reliability based on quality products and customer service. In addition around 20% of our sales are to the general public.

“If retailers and domestic customers require small and medium sized orders at short notice then Merlwood are the go to guys! We’re fast on our feet and able to respond quickly to enquiries. Our growing list of customers appreciate that.

“We source from Scandanavia and the Baltics as well as using homegrown timber with just over half supplied fully treated.

“The rest we treat on site with Koppers Performance Chemicals proving to be an invaluable partner in this regard. We have been with Koppers since our inception with one green tank almost constantly busy during the week treating with AC500.

“At the end of the day you need a reliable treatment partner that’s always available to deal with any issues and that’s exactly what we have with Koppers.

“It’s a relationship that we’ve had for many years and precedes the foundation of Merlwood. Jeff and I worked with the previous incarnations of Koppers for 25 years with our previous employer so it’s a longstanding relationship.

“We had a good 2015 and an even better 2016. So far everything points to 2017 following the same trend with encouraging levels of business.

“We plan to invest in our fleet and continue to upgrade our machining facilities but there will be no change to our customer-focused approach. Why change what works very well?!” concluded Mike.

Merlwood Timber,

Old Hakin Road,

Merlin’s Bridge,


Pemnbrokeshire SA61 1XE

Tel: 01437 760890