It’s fair to say that Rochdale-based Twin Automating operate at the cutting and nailing edge of the fencing industry!

Twin Automating, founded over 30 years ago, is a leading pioneer in the development of automated production technology with an experienced and knowledgable workforce and a growing list of clients, big and small, from the fencing and timber sectors.

MD Adrian Pennington explained: “The kind of technology that we design and manufacture can be anything from a simple jig and nailing system designed to speed up construction of window frames to a highly complex, fully robotic handling system for modular buildings.

“We use intelligent technology to help businesses to increase their productivity, consistency and profit. Our systems come with automatic benefits built in!

“The benefits of automated production technology are truly impressive. It enables manufacturing firms to increase the speed of assembly and manage quality and consistency with computer-controlled accuracy whilst eliminating the possibility of human error.

“It mechanizes pre-production and post-production materials handling in accordance with HSE lifting regulations.

“Production is quicker, more efficient, more accurate and more economical leading to significant improvements in the bottom line.

“Companies generally come to us either with a problem or an objective. Our role is to develop an engineering solution and then to design, build and supply the technology that will satisfy those needs.

“Our experience in automated processes can often assist manufacturers improve the overall efficiency and economy of their products by suggesting slight design modification.

“Applications for our engineering include sawing, drilling, nailing, stapling, screwing, clamping, assembly and materials handling and conveyor lines,” added Adrian.

Twin Automating systems are computer controlled using bespoke software programmes.

Adrian went on “Not only does this assure of the highest standards of production but it also retains critical customer data for repeat orders, quotes etc.

“The software is also able to incorporate a number of management support functions providing invaluable reports on issues such as traceability, materials usage, operator ID and waste analysis,” concluded Adrian.

It’s clear that Twin Automating really does nail it and makes the cut when it comes to manufacturing quality fencing and timber products.

Tel: 01706 852108