It’s good to talk! Just ask Simon Gibbs of Staffordshire-based Hamps Valley Boundary Fencing!

Since starting HVB around four years ago Simon has adopted a very proactive approach to building his business and it’s reaping dividends with a growing number of commercial contracts right across the UK including a lot of work for Network Rail contractors.

Simon’s been fencing for around 15 years focusing initially on equestrian and agricultural projects around Stoke-on-Trent. He now finds himself travelling all over the country with his team to fulfill fencing contracts.

He commented: “I’m doing far better than I thought I would be when I started but I’ve gone out there with an open mind when it comes to developing the business. I’m always keen to talk and build up connections and find participation at fencing competitions, including this year’s Driffield Show where we finished second, helps in this respect.

“I do enjoy competing however it can be very demanding and physically draining. No one holds back though and that’s how it should be.

“There’s a perception that gaining commercial contracts with large contractors involves a lot of red tape and jumping through hoops but we’ve come through the other side to develop a flourishing pipeline of work with contractors such as QTS,” added Simon.

Easing the workload through the use of machinery is another key focus for Simon and he’s actively considering purchasing a second Protek Evo 1 tracked postpuncher.

“It’s an excellent machine. Spot on! It increases our productivity and I’m mulling over buying another one to cope with demand,” he added.

Simon’s approach has attracted interest from other fencing contractors keen to find out how he’s done it.

“I’m always getting messages from fellow fencers keen for advice and I’ll always respond. It pays to talk!” concluded Simon.

It seems HVB is a good template for other fencing businesses seeking to explore new opportunities with Simon’s desire for growth proving a critical component.