New Managing Director at Tru-Test Ag Tech

Rob Massey has been appointed as the new Managing Director at Tru-Test Ag Tech’

Tru-Test Ag Tech, a division of Tru-Test Group, New Zealand was set up to service parts of the UK and European markets for Tru-Test products. Tru-Test Group manufacture a range of Agricultural technology products that are used for monitoring the performance of livestock, but are also one of the world’s largest manufacturers of Electric Fencing equipment and accessories, operating with various brands around the world including PEL, Speedrite, Stafix and Patriot. In addition to this, Tru-Test manufacture and distribute Hayes Fencing Tools, which have a history dating back to 1895 and still are one of the best range of Fencing Tools on the market.

Rob Massey joined the company in January 2017 and takes over as Managing Director in April 2017. Rob was working for a large national Agricultural Supplier as Regional Sales Manager and joins as part of the Tru-Test Group to take the business forward and grow the Tru-Test brand across the UK and Europe.

Tru-Test Ag Tech is run from our main UK warehouse in Ludlow, Shropshire and services the UK and Europe with a range of products from Tru-Test including Hayes Fencing Tools, PEL Electric Fencing, Kinghitter, Cyclone and Tru-Test Weighing and EID equipment. John Frizzell is the UK and European Sales Manager and supports the Merchant Trade with this range of products.