The Importance of a Good Garage Base

You need a flat, level base to install your garage onto, it needs to be of a good quality and positioning. Only a few millimetres can make or break your garage base. Making sure the base is even is critical to the longevity of the building; for many garages, such as garage buildings from Lidget, concrete is advised as the best choice for a garage base as it provides a solid and smooth base which can withstand the weight of a garage. Over time buildings settle into their foundations so it is important to have a good quality base to prevent premature deterioration.


Overall, the base needs to be 3 inches bigger on all sides than the building which will sit on it. Any bigger and it creates the potential for water to collect on the base which could then get into the building and cause problems. There needs to be a very slight slant on the edges so that water can drain off. You should also consider the positioning in terms of sloping. If the land slopes towards the garage there is a greater risk of water getting into the building, you will need to create a gully to stop this from happening. Make sure to not position a base too close to existing fences or buildings, you may need to be able to get around the building fully; also, consider accessibility for things such as storage options.

Laying the Base

It is best to get professionals to lay your garage base as they will know how to do the best job for the building you’ve chose. It is a good idea to lay a damp-proof membrane underneath the concrete as this prevents damp rising and causing problems with the building. The most important thing to remember is that it needs to be flat, square and level throughout.

Potential Issues

One of the main issues is damp, certain steps should be taken as previously mentioned to prevent water getting into the building; such as, ensuring the edges are slanted and making sure it sits flat on the ground. Concrete is the best option for a garage base; other options such as tarmac or block paving may not be strong and stable enough to withstand the weight.

Other Things to Consider

Before you build the base, you need to make sure the ground is prepared; it needs to be dry and free of any debris such as any old concrete. Exact placement will probably come down to personal preference but in general you may want to keep it away from trees and boundaries, so you can easily get around the garage. Depending on what purpose it is going to have, you may want to consider placement in terms of lighting; if it is going to be a habitable space you may want to make sure it is going to get some sun. On the other hand, if the purpose is purely storage related you may have other priorities such as accessibility so you may want to consider installing a ramp.