Up the garden path…

Up the garden path…


Louise Tomlin takes a not-so a light hearted look at gardens and loosely related topics. 


Tribute to a Yorkshire Rose…



How do I begin to write this installment of Up the Garden Path? The intro usually says that I take a light hearted look at gardens and loosely related topics, but I’m afraid to say there’s very little that is light hearted about the topic this time. It was quite a few weeks ago now that I got a call early in the morning from Ben Walton, with the terrible news that our lovely Editor of Fencing and Landscaping News, Simone, had passed away.


I was shocked for days and I still find it very difficult at times to take on board that she is gone.  All the usual questions repeat themselves as you try to come to terms with shocking news. I’ve reached a certain age where I can say I’ve had a few shocks like this over the years and although you learn some ways of coping, it still doesn’t really make it any easier.


Ben has said Simone would want us to carry on, so that’s what we will do. My hat is raised to him, her family and everyone else for carrying on through what must be a very difficult time. So before we return to the usual sorts of subject matter here’s my tribute to a lady who has been a good friend of mine for many years.


Simone was someone who told it like it is – with no frills and she didn’t suffer fools gladly. We shared a similar sense of humour, we’d laugh at the absurdities of life and no matter how grim things might have seemed at times we’d always find something to laugh about. She was also an incredibly brave, kind and sensitive person, who loved her family and friends, and Tilly her Patterdale Terrier. So here’s to you Simone Gallon, you will always have my admiration and respect, I will miss you and I won’t forget you.


As previously mentioned I’ve had a few losses in my life, who hasn’t? And I’ve developed a way of remembering the ones I have lost that helps me in a way to cope with the loss a little easier. It may be part of the healing process for me. I think of that person and then try to come up with a plant, tree or shrub that conjures up the spirit of the person, or that somehow reminds me of them. 


An example, I will only give you one, don’t worry this isn’t going to turn in to a sad and tedious list, when my mother in law passed away I bought and planted an Olive Tree in my garden. Why an Olive? She was Italian and it was natural to associate her with these trees that were growing around her home in Italy and I’ve always loved them. The tree has been thriving in my garden for the last nine years.  I see it every day and it is a living, growing memorial to a lovely lady.


So what should I plant in memory of Simone? The answer came to me very readily, as soon as I started thinking about who and what she was. She was a straight-talking Yorkshire lass with no airs and graces, and no fussiness. 


The flower of Yorkshire is the white rose. I’ve planted this beauty in the part of my garden just outside my little office, I can see its flowers from here, where I am writing this now…

Rest in peace my friend.



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