Up the Garden Path

It’s a couple of years since my gardening page ‘Up the Garden Path’ ran in Fencing and Landscaping News.

It was always an enjoyable feature for me to put together, loosely based on gardens, plants and gardening, it was really quite light hearted, possibly even a bit tongue in cheek at times. And Simone and the team were always good fun to work with. So, I can hardly believe my luck to hear from the Editor that she would be delighted if I started it up again.

The very wise lady, who has her finger on the pulse of the fencing and landscaping industry, had heard rumbles that I might have a bit more time on my hands – which is quite true – after devoting many of my waking hours to the marketing of a certain fencing company for over 23 years, I am indulging myself in the luxury of taking some deep breaths and giving myself some time to think.

Think about what? I can almost hear you say. Well, that’s the beauty of having some time, I can think about anything and everything, including gardens, which I happen to like very much, and things like other projects I might like to spend my time on…apart from gardening.

The funny thing about being an incredibly busy person, working full time – plus some – and always thinking about new ideas, thoughts, schemes and projects, in other words pretty much living the job (not the dream, sadly), is you don’t realise how anti-social, insular, rigid and yes I’m going to have to admit it, boring, you have become. Hmmmn…

Well I no longer have tunnel vision, the blinkers are off and what an interesting experience that is. I have suddenly found that there are so many friends out there, new and old, that want my attention, opinions and skills.

I feel it’s only fair to point out at this stage that I may owe my nearest and dearest an apology for being so single minded about fencing for the last 20 odd years. We went on holiday recently – just a quick week away, that was well needed – and it’s the first time I haven’t bothered to take any pictures of, guess what folks? Yes that’s right, fencing!

Well after the explanation of why you are suddenly seeing this page again in this great publication, I should at least tip my hat to the subject of gardening.

Most gardeners are very season orientated, and it won’t have escaped your notice it is autumn. To borrow some words from John Keats, the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. I used to not like autumn much because I didn’t want the summer to end, but now (possibly an age thing!) I recognise how wonderful the light is and how suddenly colour intensifies, almost as if someone’s fiddled with the settings.

Plants and trees turn golden, amber, pink, russet and all the rich tones in between.

Favourite plants I recommend that can brighten and enrich your garden at this time of the year are Sedum, common name Stone Crop, featured at the top of the page. Appropriately named Sedum Autumn Joy, this succulent takes a back seat throughout the early part of the year, with pale green, almost icy foliage and newly formed flower heads that gradually transform into a deep red.

Kaffir Lilies, Schyzostylis coccinea are South African and members of the Iris family (pic bottom left). Who wouldn’t want this beauty gracing your garden?

Fuchsias have such lovely, multi-coloured delicate flowers, (middle pic) there are so many varieties, once you start noticing them, they are everywhere, and they will flower year after year, well worth investing in.

Final pic is a surprising one; well it was a surprise to me last autumn when my Yucca suddenly decided to flower. It’s done it again this year, much to my delight; look at the colours in the buds and flowers, wow!

Hope to see you next time, if you want to get in touch you can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or just boring old email: louisetomlin@icloud.com