Burgess Hill-based Gala Group has launched a new garden lighting system aimed at illuminating domestic outdoor space.

“It’s amazing how stunning a garden can look with the addition of a few well-placed lights.

The Ellumiere range features upto 12 lights per transformer inany configuration with no electricianrequired for installation. Fully waterproof and with a two-year warranty, Ellumiere claims to be the easiest 12V ‘Plug n Play’ landscape lighting system on the market.

Trevor Cowley, Director a The Gala Group, commented: “Ellumiere comes as two concepts; ‘Buy it now’ expandable starter kits or ‘Build your own’ bespoke design.

“If you want something quick and easy then our expandable starter kits have everything you need. Ready to go!

“Building your own system

starts with great planning, then think about what type of lights you would like to have in your outdoor space.

Choose from small spotlights to light up plants or larger spotlights to highlight a beautiful tree. Bollard lights are a great addition to a driveway or paths and deck lights create a fantastic feature around the perimeter of decking, paving and stairs.

“Now you have your lights placed, it’s time to work out your cables. Measure the distance between each light and back to your power source and write thesemeasurements on your plan. Youwill need a T-Piece Connector for every light except the last light in your sequence. Indicate these on your plan.

“Now measure the distance from your power supply to thefirst light and mark this on your plan. Check the total length of allyour cables does not exceed 50m.

“Once you’re home, simply connect them all up starting with

the furthest point, turn them on, sit back and enjoy. It’s that simple!” exclaimed Trevor.