The title says it all! From the Arctic Circle down to the Australian Outback, you’ll find the Bryce-Suma machines making an impact around the world!

“So far 2017 has been our best year yet with orders flooding in from 10 nations, including the USA, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Latvia, and we’ve still got a few months to go!” enthused the inimitable Jock Bryce who began manufacturing and supplying his award winning hardhitting postpunchers 20 years ago.

Jock went on “We’ve never achieved this level of performance before and it’s very gratifying that we are able to achieve increased sales but not without a lot of effort. Word has got around over the past two decades and the phone keeps ringing!

“We had one private individual fly in especially from Switzerland and placed a £53k order before he left. We have had a lot of overseas visitors come over here for demos and so far we have achieved a 100% strike rate, they like what they see.”

Customers, both old and new, recognise what can be achieved in terms of time and cost savings by purchasing quality high performance equipment that offers long term reliability.

“Most of our customers have done their homework. They know what the Bryce can achieve out in the field. They always cite the outstanding features and build quality of our machines.

“There’s no doubt that we’ve been helped by the fluctuating exchange rates caused by the Brexit vote. I believe in the long term this will be a good thing for Britain and manufacturers like myself. We must adopt a positive mindset!

“If you have a unique product that stands out from the crowd and a forward thinking approach to business then I believe anything is possible,” added Jock.

Jock’s no nonsense approach combined with his unbeatable machine is a great lesson for British manufacturing as we approach ever more uncertain times.