There’s no Brexit blues at Quickfencer with business booming and new international markets opening up all the time for the Ribble Valley-based manufacturer.

“Sales are going through the roof!” exclaimed co-founder John Brewer “and the last twelve months have been one of our busiest years to date. More and more fencing contractors are waking up to the cost and time savings that can be gained by using a Quickfencer.

“It can double the work rate of three men and we always tell potential customers that once you’ve acquired you’ll never need another! It’ll be good to go for many years and straddles the generations.

“It’ll be good to go for you, your children and your grandchildren. Simple as. It’s a very reliable machine that is capable of working with all types of wire. Every machine is tailored to the customer’s requirements,” added John.

Just over a year ago a Quickfencer customer posted a video on Youtube that’s been viewed over 24 million times to date!

“We’ve gone viral!” added John “and on the back of that video I’m always getting calls at all hours from all over the world. I spoke to someone from Australia who’s interested in Quickfencer at 5am this morning!

“Quickfencer is made under licence in Australia and the US and we export right across Europe and further afield.

“That said we will never rest on our laurels. We are always looking for ways of adapting and improving the machine and the wide range of accessories. It’s a constant learning curve but very satisfying to see so many contented customers!” concluded John.