Since purchasing a Profencer machine around a nine months ago, Devon-based fencing contractor George Shacklock has seen his productivity increase dramatically.

“I first came across Profencer at theLAMMA Show in 2018 and was very impressed by its functionality andflexibility. It was a perfect fit for whatI required,” exclaimed George whose business, MTF Contracting, carries out agricultural, equine, domestic and post and rail contracts across the South West.

“Once you’ve started using it you really cannot imagine going back to doing things manually. It takes the stress out of fencing and saves me time as well as reducing labour costs. It also ensures a consistently good finish.’

”It also means I can work with 500m wire rolls and that improvesefficiency out in the field. It unrolls very easily and simplifies everycontract. As well as making the rolling out of the wire an easier operation the fact that it can then be tensioned by just operating the levers againsaves a lot of time and effort.

“When you use staple guns as we do it makes for a very efficient and professional operation.

“The Profencer will come into its own as we are now erecting a lot of the Hampton steel posts as local farmers see the advantages of using long life steel posts.

“It’s was a big investment but definitely worth every penny,”concluded George. /07772078028