Comfortable, Portable, Lightweight & Powerful

The Easy Petrol Post Driver is a fully loaded high performance product that will assist you with your individual tooling application, regardless of the industry in which you are based.

The remarkably effective solution, which is noted for its strength and portability, was purposefully designed to knock any size stake, peg or post into the ground, up to a 4” diameter. The pioneering machine eliminates the need for hard manual labour and comes with a variety of accessories to ensure easy integration and versatility:

The MULTI ADAPTER; the improved version of this 3-in-1 Adapter has a simple aluminium sliding system, held in place with elasticated straps. Five different size combinations are available ranging from 107mm (suitable for 4” posts) down to 52mm.

The easy change system is great for using posts of different sizes within one project; for example, installation of Clipex posts when interchanging between Standard and Beefy sizes.

The PILOT CORE TOOL; enables you to remove a 2” diameter core of earth out of the ground prior to driving in your stakes.  Designed to be used with the Magnum Adapter (107mm) to give greater flexibility for driving 4” diameter stakes in. When the ground is hard, bone dry or rocky it enables the job to take place in almost any condition, and speeds up the overall time of driving each post in.

The MARQUEE ADAPTER; Specially designed for the installation of marquee pins, which it drives flush with the ground. The adapter is compatible with different head profiles and sizes, including mushroom and bent-over pegs. It’s extremely easy to use: The adapter is made of two pieces; an outer captive sleeve and an inner moving piece. The inner piece is held in place by a lip inside the outer sleeve. The fast and lightweight system means you can go quickly from pin to pin without operator fatigue.

Easy Petrol Post Driver are owned and managed by family landscaping firm SPA Landscaping Limited in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. The driver is designed and manufactured in Australia by Christie Engineering, and assembled with a Honda 4 Stroke Motor at the EPPD workshop.

T 0114 269 9119

Sales Contacts; Simon Anthony – 07718 580231 / Laurie Anthony – 07814 657564