Ed strong with Protech

When south Devon fencing contractors Chris and Ed Tucker were looking to buy a tracked post driver in 2014, it was the Protech Evo 1 that stood out by a ‘country mile’.

Fast forward to 2017 and the original machine has been traded back for an Evo 1 with slew.

Using the Evo 1 alongside another tractor mounted protech, Tucker Fencing are able to undertake agricultural, equestrian and even security fencing.

Ed explained: “The initial machine was a revelation, allowing us to get out on the land regardless of ground conditions. It was like getting two extra months in a year! Add to that the extra flexibility of the slew function, the levelling blade, and extending track base and you’ve got a phenomenal piece of kit. The fact that we can tow it behind a pickup has also increased our working radius.

“All of this is complimented by the great back up we receive from Andy and Steve. Even better is the way these guys listen to their customer base, contractors and farmers who bounce off each other via a dedicated Facebook page. We can’t wait to see what the guys come up with next!”

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