Newbury-based fencing contractor Iain Jermy of I J Agricultural & Equestrian Fencing can sum up his new Profencer machine in one word…faultless!

Iain, who’s been installing agricultural and equestrian fencing across the south of England for the past 17 years, is full of enthusiasm for his newest piece of kit purchased last September.

“It makes my job so much easier. Two fencing contractors can install over 1500m of stock fencing in an average day. It’s clear that if contractors want to grow their business and increase their productivity then they should consider investing in machinery like this.

“It’s faultless. I had a model from another manufacturer that did a great job but the Profencer clamps everything hydraulically making the whole process far more stable and secure,” added Iain who currently employs five staff.

He went on “I’ve recently purchased the deer clamp as I’m carrying out an increasing number of deer fencing contracts around the south.

“The after sales service has also been outstanding. Alan is one of those genuinely nice guys who goes above and beyond the call of duty to keep his customers happy,” concluded Iain

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