When it comes to flexibility and simplicity the Profencer is hard to beat according to Worcestershire-based fencing contractor Callum Jackson.

Callum, who set up CJ Fencing in 2012, purchased his Profencer last winter after viewing a demonstration model at the NSA Show in Malvern in 2018.

“We use it for all of our stock fencing jobs and it proves time and again that it’s up to the job saving me time and money,” explained Callum who carries out fencing work across the Midlands and sometimes farther afield.

He went on “We attach it to an Avant rather than a tractor as that works better given the distances we travel to jobs and, whilst we initially thought that might be an issue, any problems have been sorted out.

“The level of support offered by Allan and his team is excellent. You are never on your own with a Profencer even when out in the field.

“It’s increased our productivity significantly and is a simple machine to get to grips with. We have even managed to do 2km of stock fencing in an afternoon. It works perfectly well too with deer fencing and otter fencing contracts.

“Add in the flexibility and it’s safe to say Profencer is a great machine that I’d thoroughly recommend,” added Callum.

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