There’s a new addition to the popular Profencer range with a new Junior version launched recently.

Developed by Allan Froggatt and Chris Bettney, the new smaller machine is more basic than the Professional and Junior Plus machines already manufactured by Profencer.

Allan explained: “The new Junior machine has less moving parts and less hydraulic functions. It is still as strong and constructed to the same high standards as our other two machines and is powder coated for a harder long lasting finish.

“The Junior has five hydraulic functions that are necessary for the machine to do what it is supposed to do, that is to assist the operator to build a fence correctly as quickly and as safely as possible with little effort.

“The five hydraulic functions incorporate a loading mechanism for loading rolls of netting off the ground

or trailer onto the machine, up to 2.5m high and 500m in length with the appropriate clamp fitted. You can also load and dispense 2000m coils of barbed wire.

“There’s a top link for levelling the machine when dispensing and also for top and bottom netting tension if needed.

“The side-shift function positions the netting away from the side of the tractor or tele-handler when dispensing and also for positioning the netting close to the fence when tying off.

“The tilt mechanism positions the netting in a vertical position ready for tying off when working on bank sides and there are none slip clamps for straining up to 500m in one pull.

“The new Junior is a lot lighter than the other machines so can be fitted to a range of different size tractors or telehandlers,” added Allan.

The starter machine comes with a static turntable with a plastic disc for the netting to dispense off protecting the galvanising on the netting.

There’s also a one way 1.2m high clamp with a roller for the netting to pass round when dispensing  again to protect the galvanising on the netting. It includes a toolbox, tool carrier and twin barbed wire dispenser.

Allan continued: “There is a top link safety chain for when traveling on the road with the machine on the front of the tractor.

“There’s a number of extras you can have for this machine.

“We can include a quick hitch for changing from one clamp to another and a choice of 1.2m, 2.1m and 2.6m high one way and two way clamps, counter balance weights for when you have a 2.6m high clamp fitted and an adapter frame for fitting to tele-handlers.

“All welds witnessed and tested to BS ISO 15614-1:2017.

“With all those options a customer can order a machine to suite his needs and pocket and it is manufactured from steel sourced from European mills with full test certification and traceability.

“The Junior is an exciting addition to our family of Profencers and we are looking forward to discussing its merits with fencing contractors across the UK and further afield,” concluded Allan.