Investing in new machinery is a big consideration for fencing contractors. Just ask Staffordshire-based Michael Brandrick whose WRAG postknocker fits the bill perfectly.

Michael’s fencing business has been up and running since 2014 and it’s now two years since he decided to invest in WRAG.

“It’s still going strong and it makes doing my job so much simpler,” explained Michael whose workload across Staffordshire and Derbyshire involves a lot of hills!

He went on: “I do a lot of hill work and that’s where the WRAG comes into its own. It has the flexibility, agility and stability to do those kind of fencing jobs more effectively.

“I’d recommend it wholeheartedly. It’s a fine piece of kit that has been a very worthwhile investment. It’s vital for small contractors to envisage a return on investment when acquiring expensive machinery and that’s exactly what you get every single day with a WRAG.

“I don’t foresee a time when I’ll ever lose my WRAG!” concluded Michael. / 07904844724 or search MJ Brandrick Fencing & Agri Services on Facebook /