Birkdale invest heavily in new product development

Birkdale have been investing heavily in product development this year with the introduction of over 350 new products in the newly launched 2017/18 catalogue.

The persistently favourite brand Gatemate® has had over 40 new products added this year. One of the most significant developments for this collection is the new Euro Profile Long Throw Lock which offers many advantages and improvements over the existing model.

Introduction of the 6 pin euro profile cylinder to this lock gives customers the flexibility to go to any approved key cutting company to arrange for their duplicate keys to be cut. The new design of the cylinder also allows the lock smith to key alike as many locks as required, to any key code they choose.

Unique patented technology brings you a hardened 316 stainless steel core locking bar, to prevent anyone cutting through to gain entry, along with an innovative anti-rattle receiver to stop your gate from banging in the wind. Mark Naylor, Birkdale’s Product Manager, comments on the new model ‘We are very happy with the new design following extensive research and utilising customer insight. The feedback we have had so far has been excellent, and we look forward to the product launch in early July.’

The new Euro Profile Lock Throw Lock now comes complete with all stainless steel security fixings and a special tool bit for installation PLUS the external escutcheon is produced from stainless steel rather than brass to eliminate problems with the product tarnishing when used outdoors.

As the Sitemate® collection moves into its fourth year it boasts a wide range of fixings, tools and accessories, from Hex Head Timber Screws and Masonry Bolts to heavy duty Ratchet Straps and Elastic Tie Downs.

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