Matt Hey, of Ilkley in West Yorkshire, has been fencing, installing gates, concreting, and maintaining farm and since he was 15 years old.

He purchased an Easy Petrol Post Driver back in April 2016 on the recommendation of a friend, and on a cold December day last year the team from EPPD caught up with him to see how he had been getting on.

Matt says that the day a colleague recommended the Easy Petrol Post Driver was an eye- opener.

He works 7-days a week on his patch, which runs from Ilkley to Kinsley. He talks fondly of his customers for whom he works long days and puts in a lot of hard work. However, every now and then they want the “job done yesterday”. With this in mind it pays to have the best tools to get the work done to a high standard, and quickly.

“The [Easy Petrol] Post Driver is great for 3-4” stakes, and knocksin 7-foot Scaffold Poles as if there’sno tomorrow. I can use it for 3” Steel gate Posts then hang the gates there and then. Its light and easy to carry.”

Ground Conditions in the Dales

Matt explains that normally the ground in the Yorkshire Dales makes fencing a nightmare. There are only 3 inches of soil; below is gravel and it can be impossible to knock posts in, especially around sheep pens that you can’t reach with a tractor. However, the [Easy Petrol] Post Driver has changed
all that. “Posts always seem firmerwhen they’ve been driven in with the machine. I’ve also used it on steep banks and wall top wiring. It doesn’t damage the post top like a tractor post driver can. Plus, the engine’s a Honda which speaks for itself, its easy to start and won’t let me down.”


Matt bought his machine with the Multi-Kit – giving him a 3-in-1

Adapter set with sizes 2”, 3” and 4”. It is important to ensure you are using the correct sleeve for your posts, with a maximum of 10mm clearance between post and sleeve. By using the correct sleeve size the machine is going to bemuch more effective at driving theposts in, ensuring you stike the topof the post flush with the hammerevery time.

They offer a vast range of sleeve sizes, and if you can’t findone to suit your posts in their range they will happily custom make one for you.

Laurie Anthony from the company says “our accessory range has grown so organically over the years, once we have a few enquiries about a particular post size we realise there must be a market for them, so we add that to the range as well. We have made squares, rounds, rectangles, T-shapes, Angle irons – you name it. We also make protector caps to help prevent the tops burring over if you have some delicate posts like Estate Fencing or Vineyard Trellising”

info@petrolpostdriver.com 0114 269 9119