We are now over halfway through our 10th year of trading and it has certainly proved to be an extremely busy year.

With record breaking sales throughout the season, the demand for products across our range has been huge. We have seen increased sales of our manufactured products and since the beginning of the year our agricultural fencing range has showed no sign of slowing down.

To help meet demand we have increased the number of ships we are sending into Wisbech and the volume of stock we have received is at its highest level ever. Throughout all of this we have been determined that our customer service does not waiver but more than that we want to improve the quality of our service. In order to help us make improvements we have undergone a complete upgrade of our operating system.

Over the past weeks and months, we have had new software professionally installed which has been adapted specifically for our use. Our new system extends seamlessly to the port operation at Wisbech allowing us to view real time updates of stock movements.

Another benefit we are beginning to see, is how by freeing us from repetitive administrative tasks, it gives us more time to engage with our customers. Enabling us to better obtain how we can meet their specific requirements, whether that’s a particular product they are having difficulty sourcing or services such as information and marketing material for their own promotional use. When it is extremely busy and the demand for stock is high it may be tempting for some suppliers to lower the bar when it comes to the quality of stock made available. We do not compromise with quality control.

We understand this may be a little frustrating at times, but we do not believe it is in anyone’s interest to shorten treatment cycles or speed up kilning times or allow stock through which would ordinarily be turned away, simply to meet demand.

There has indeed been pressure on obtaining material for quality fencing but for us the pinch point
is the treatment process which, to do the job right, will always take as long as it needs to. So, the answer is increased capacity. That is why our partner in the Baltics is installing an eighth dedicated kiln facility as well as increasing treatment capability with the addition of a brand-new pressure treatment chamber bringing the total number to four. This will ensure we are able meet the unprecedented demand for our excellent, no-compromise, UC4 Pro- Post range.