After exhibiting and demonstrating at the recent Devon show it was evident that fence posts were still a hot topic of conversation. The Clipex post once again generating a lot of interest, many of the visitors to the McVeigh Parker stand had used it before, or knew someone who had, perhaps a neighbour, friend or colleague. The younger generation were being very positive about them and are becoming a driving force in convincing their seniors to give them a go. The overall feedback was that this is the way forward for a long-life fence, with many orders placed to extend or start projects.

While the majority opted for the complete all-steel Triple X fencing system, some looked to further reduce their overall cost by using alternatives for strainers, such as telegraph poles, pressure creosoted wooden strainers or even crash barrier box beams. McVeigh Parker hold stocks of a huge range of products and were only too happy to provide quotes based on these options.

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Triple XFencing from McVeigh Parker, is the name we give to a gold award winning combination of the best performing, innovative products, that provide a long lasting strong, secure fence for your next project. The system is proving so good that several blue- chip companies along with major utilities are now using it. Triple X fencing consists of the quick clip steel Clipex post, which has the advantage of being available in 5 styles and two profiles, teamed with X fence premium wire netting,

possibly the best fabricated netting there is, British-made steel strainers and a choice of either barbed, line or electric wire. Triple X is increasingly being recognised as an advanced fencing system with no equal. It offers real returns on investment with a cost saving of up to 50% over the life of the fence.

The Triple X fencing system is now in its 5th year and has proved itself in many leading projects, for farmers and landowners nationwide.

This system offers many benefits over more traditional methods, with quicker, easier installation and significantly longer life. No stapling, no fiddly components to deal with, every line of the fabricated fence is held securely in place, each clip reducing unwanted extra lateral and vertical movement. The system is significantly easier to transport and erect especially in challenging terrain because it is a lot less bulky than timber and no heavy machinery is needed. Transport and labour costs are lower, and with a service life of 30 years, the overall impact on the environment is reduced, plus the system is fully recyclable at the end of its use, unlike treated timber products.

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