Peart Fencing has bid farewell to MD Colin Stead after an eventful and fruitful 28 years with the Hartlepool-based business.

Marcus Mitchinson Sales & Marketing Director of Peart Fencing explained: “Colin joined the business in 1990 and was appointed as MD in 2001. He was the first non-Peart to assume the role and he soon set about restructuring the management team.

“He rationalized our product ranges and introduced a host of new products whilst ditching our non-profitable lines. He made an impact from the very start and it wasn’t just our product range and management structure that he had an impact on!

“Colin worked tirelessly to improve the entire workforces’ conditions. It didn’t matter whether they worked in the manufacturing plant or within our offices, Colin was committed to ensuring we had the best possible environment in which to thrive.

“His personal attention to detail made a big difference to everyone at Peart Fencing. He devised a formal business plan and engaged everyone in its execution. That process has now become an annual event and provides us all with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your views and input are valued.

“Colin’s decision making led to investment in a third palisade rolling mill as well as other key manufacturing equipment and we soon had a new, articulated fleet of vehicles all featuring hi-ab or Moffett offloading gear.

“Within three years of becoming MD Colin had quadrupled our turnover and took us from languishing around breakeven to the point where we were providing respectable returns for our shareholders. He also set up Peart Access Ramps which is now a very successful arm of our business.

“He was the most accessible MD you could imagine and operated an open door policy to everyone in the business. He recognised good performances and provided rewards and incentives.

“Colin created an energy within the workplace that encouraged staff to be successful. We will miss him around these parts but we will never forget the role he played in making Peart Fencing what it is today!” added Marcus.

Simone and Ben wish Colin all the best in his retirement and thank him for his support over the years.