EXCALIBUR incising technologies, developed by Tweddle Engineering together with Lonza Wood Protection, are proving to be valuable and business changing investments for sawmills and timber companies looking to enhance their high performance ground contact timbers.

Robust, purpose designed machines, the EXCALIBUR technologies are available for the surface incising of machined round or cundy peeled timbers as well as square sawn components, to provide an even more superior penetration of the wood preservative into Use Class 4 ground contact timbers that are at the greatest risk of decay or insect attack.

Andy Hodge, Marketing Director of Lonza commented, ‘Developing the EXCALIBUR technologies has been an on-going process, listening constantly to particular requirements from our customers. The latest machines are now justifying that development process. They have a fast throughput, can offer part or full component incising and provide a deeper incision into the timber surface. The blade cleaner and anti-tear mechanisms working between the blades help minimise timber damage and ensure consistency of incision depth and quality. The innovative designs also compensate for variations in the timber dimensions ensuring a more consistent incising performance.’

‘Our customers already have an outstanding and proven preservative in our latest generation TANALITH product. Our EXCALIBUR incising technologies then provide the means to achieve the very best penetration results, particularly into the exposed heartwood areas of machined home grown species. The results our customers are producing are so impressive, giving them and their customers a real confidence in the long term performance of their treated timbers.’

Bond Timber, based in Saltash in Cornwall, were already offering their premium Gold treated pine fencing stakes with an impressive 30-year service life. Shaun Getson from Bond explains their investment in the latest EXCALIBUR PRO incising technology for sawn timbers, ‘Our

Gold treated pine stake rounds
have very consistent outer areas
of sapwood that allow an excellent penetration and distribution of TANALITH preservative without the need for surface incising. They have proved to be extremely popular withour customers from a confidence point of view. However not everyone wants round posts.’

‘We wanted to match the 30 year service life on our square sawn Use Class 4 posts. These are still manufactured from redwood timbers but the cutting process exposes areas of harder to penetrate heartwood from these species. The effective surface incising from our EXCALIBUR investment has allowed us to more than meet the minimum 6mm preservative penetration into the heartwood required in the industry code of practice. It gives us and our customers another assured product choice and continued confidence in the fencing projects undertaken.’

BALCAS Timber has also invested in EXCALIBUR technologies for both the round and square sawn versions of their PERMAPOST® TANALITH treated fence posts
to offer a no nonsense 15-year performance guarantee against decay and insect attack.

Martin Batts, timber sales director of BALCAS explained what the investment has brought to the PERMAPOST® brand. ‘Our PERMAPOST® brand of preservative treated ground contact fencing timbers has been around a long time. In relaunching our incised UC4 product we wanted to assist our customers in clearly understanding what goes into the manufacture of our posts and by doing so give them confidence that they are investing in a quality product. Our products are first selected from local home grown softwood which is then incised, kiln dried and then pressure treated in our own controlled treatment plants to produce a consistent and  impressive end product that meets the requirements of both BS8417 and IS436.’

‘The product re-launch, the use of in store POS and the all-important guarantee has resulted in a surge in demand from our fencing and agricultural customers as they
and their customers recognise that our PERMAPOST® Incised UC4 is a quality product and an environmental alternative to creosote treated timber.’

Lonza itself has conducted recent trials using the EXCALIBUR technologies on home grown species. Ed Webster, Lonza’s Engineering & Field Technical manager explains the testing and results. UK Sitka Spruce and Douglas fir sawn posts were surface incised with the latest EXCALIBUR PRO machine and then preservative treated with TANALITH preservative to achieve the standard Use Class 4 30 year desired service life specification.’

‘The trials resulted in full compliance in terms of 6mm penetration in 75% exposed heartwood faces and 12mm sapwood penetration as well as exceeding the minimum required copper retention levels.’