Lonza Innovation and Service

Innovation and Service

Protecting a natural and variable material like timber can be a challenge.For instance,life doesn’t get much tougher than being a fence post on the farm. Stuck in damp or boggy ground, out in all weathers from baking hot to freezing cold, surrounded by livestock and exposed to the elements and aggressive decay organisms both above ground and below ground. All with an end user expectation of assured long term performance at the most competitive price.

For companies who supply preservative treated timbers it is a must to have the most effective wood preservative on the market coupled with the knowledgeable support to apply, manage and produce consistent results that are fit for purpose.

Often this support can be both visible and invisible to the treater but vital to the whole success of the industry. Failure to get this right can cause performance issues which can lead to long term damage to your brand reputation and claims that will impact your profitability.

Quality improves Profitability
Focusing on consistent quality can help a business maintain a satisfied customer base which in turn leads to the possibility of turning continued profits. Often it can be all too easy to overlook the hidden factors associated with poor quality – Productivity, Profitability, Customer Satisfaction and Costs.

Productivity: If a company chooses to use low-quality processes and parts in any stage of the production process this can have a critical effect on the end productivity by causing breakdowns and stoppages.

Profitability: Quality increases profitability. Research shows that employees are more engaged in workplaces where teamwork and quality output are the goal. The working environment flows more smoothly than those in which quality is an afterthought.

Customer Satisfaction: Product quality has a direct bearing on customer satisfaction. If a business produces quality products and services, customers will respect their value and rank them higher as a supplier. Dissatisfied customers are more likely to be vocal with their criticism which can be damaging in today’s social media world. Poor quality businesses may get an initial sale but will not create repeat business.

Costs: Quality directly affects cost in a business. Using less expensive ingredients and equipment may cut costs in the short term but the long term effects might be far more expensive. For example using poor quality software might save a few pounds in the beginning, but that software may be more difficult to use or poorly serviced which takes up valuable employee time.

How can Lonza help?
Lonza sees both innovationand serviceas the key elements in supporting their wood protection customers in these goals. Tony Kelly, business director of Lonza Wood Protection explains, ‘As a supplier of wood protection technologies we are constantly looking for innovations from our business that will help our customers meet ever changing market and regulatory demands. For instance, the latest treatment requirements within BS8417, the UK’s code of practice for wood preservation, are rightly demanding ever more effective penetration and retention performance, particularly for our home grown timber species.’

‘Our TANALITH preservatives are unique in that they incorporate our innovative and award winning BARamine application technologies, developed by our own research teams, which further improve the penetration and distribution deep into the timbers as well as protecting against certain copper tolerant brown rot organisms. TANALITH preservatives have all the right ingredients and proven performance to help our customers keep ahead of the regulatory game and let them plan ahead with real confidence for their different treated timber markets.’

‘We offer the EXCALIBUR range of incising machines, developed with our partners Tweddle Engineering, to help deliver deeper and more consistent preservative penetration, particularly in exposed heartwood. The latest EXCALIBUR machines, available for incising either round or square sawn ground contact timbers, now have new feature improvements requested by our sawmill customers that will help to give a reliable, consistent and highly effective results within sawmill businesses.’

The support services that Lonza offers its preservative treatment customers are just as vital. Andy Hodge, marketing director of Lonza explains, ‘Our business package has always been more than just selling preservative products. Key support services to our customers help to make their treatment business a success.’

‘Our Lonza engineersare continually developing our intuitive Auto-Treater treatment plant management control and information software and introducing new treatment plant design features which allow our customers to make the most consistent, cost effective and end use appropriate treated timbers for their markets.’

‘Both field and laboratory based technical supportservicesprovide focused advice and analytical resources that ensure our customers are achieving the very best treatments with our products and giving them real confidence in the treated timbers they produce.’


‘Our marketing services team works directly with our customers to help create strong promotional messages and materials with specific relevance for their businesses – a valuable and cost saving resource.’


‘As a global leader in biocides and wood protection technologies, Lonza closely monitors the increasing scope and complexity of European regulations. The Lonza regulatory team provides one of the most vital ‘behind -the-scenes’ services, ensuring our current and future products are approved and used in a safe and responsible manner and keeping our customers confidently ahead and compliant with the ever changing regulatory requirements across all of our markets.’


As you can see there is a lot of Lonza that goes into a simple fence post.