TANASOTE – A modern preservative system for Poles, Sleepers and high performance timbers.

TANASOTE is a high performance preservative system from the experienced development team at Lonza Wood Protection. TANASOTE boasts impressive performance credentials and is designed to meet the needs of the stringent Biocidal Products Regulations.

Andy Hodge, Lonza’s marketing director explains the product development and its latest progress to market. ‘TANASOTE as a real alternative for our customers involved in the supply of heavy duty timbers, such as utility poles, railway sleepers, and increasingly as an option for the protection of fencing, revetments and landscaping materials.’

‘TANASOTE is an oil based technology that can be used in existing or new creosote type plants. We have been working proactively with interested stakeholders undertaking trial optimising treatments in our dedicated pilot plant facility based at our Research and Development facilities in Castleford. The results are extremely encouraging across a range of timber species and different components.’

‘TANASOTE developments are at an advanced stage and we have gained a wide range of data from our optimising work. The consistent results we are seeing are providing a great deal of confidence that we will meet the long term protection requirements of these key industrial markets for timber.’

‘We are now getting ready to talk further with key stakeholders. Any interested parties who wish to discuss their particular requirements for TANASOTE should feel free to contact us. We will be delighted to explore how we can work together to build these into our testing and assessment trials.’