It was yet again another successful UK Fencing Championships with Tim Bennett Farm Fencing taking first place at this year’s Driffield Show

Ben Walton of Fencing & Landscaping News commented: “Congratulations to Jack & Hamish of Tim Bennett Farm Fencing for winning the 2019 UK Fencing Championships in our tenth year at Driffield Show. “Well done also to Dan & Jake at Dan Critchlow Fencing for coming 2nd and also Si Gibbs and John Morgan for taking 3rd place. “The weather this year was once again sweltering so we must congratulate all 10 teams for enduring the hot conditions. “A big thanks must go to all our sponsors this year: Calders & Grandidge, Hampton Steel & Wire, Lonza, Koppers, M & M Timber, Buxton Press and Easy Petrol Post Drivers

“The challenge involved constructing a 40 metre long post and wire fence with a 3 meter field gate hung at the end of the fence line using only hand held tools only.

“I would also like to thank both our judges this year. Richard Foxley and John Frizzell did a fantastic job and a special mention needs to go to John Clancy for the commentary this year and also the Fencing News team of Christian and Lewis.

“We celebrated ten years at Driffield Show and dedicated this milestone to the memory of Simone Gallon, Ian Chalmers and Jon Vicary,” added Ben.