The future of fencing is bright in the northern extremities of the British Isles if the innovation of contractors such as Alan Adamson is anything to go by.

Alan has been trading as AA Fencing for the past five years in Shetland and explained: “My uncle owns a dairy farm up here and we often visited my late grandparents who used to stay there so I’ve been immersed in agriculture from childhood.

“After leaving school I got involved with farm work as well as some fencing which I really enjoyed. As a result, I started AA Fencing when I was 25 and it’s grown steadily ever since.

“We undertake all types of fencing from large scale projects to small repairs. Our main focus is on agricultural post and wire but anything goes up here when you’re self-employed on Shetland! You have to adapt and be thankful for each and every customer that picks up the phone!

“Earlier this year we purchased a WRAG TOW-IT post driver. It’s the first self-propelled post knocker in shetland of its kind and it’s also the first Wrag machine to feature a Perrett post plate.

“We looked for something that was light, towable, tracked and able to access the places that tractors cannot. It’s able to do everything a tractor-mounted driver could do but with added stability and power to tackle steep and broken hills.

“The WRAG TOW-IT is a great piece of machinery and we are very happy with the performance. It’s saved huge amounts of labour time and packs a lot of punch. It came with an 80mm rock spike and remote control.

“Having no ground or croft of my own, I decided that a tractor wasn’t the best solution. Theyhave their place but out in the occasionally saturated hills you know only too well how heavy tractors are, especially with a post driver attached to the back. The Wrag is around half the weight of a comparable tractor set-up.

“All told, the Wrag, together with Perrett post plate have transformed how we operate. The future really is bright!” concluded Alan.

AA Fencing: 07769 252141

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