Investment in fencing needs to deliver long-lasting results which is precisely what M&M Timber’s Agricised range of posts and strainers provides.

Raw timber sourced by M&M Timber comes from commercial plantations across the UK and processed at the Worcestershire sawmill where timbers are machine rounded and incised using an Excalibur-R processing machine. The incising helps increase the surface area of the stake, strut or strainer to help distribute the high performing Tanalith-E preservative into thevulnerable sapwood cells.

Before kiln drying, the square packs have sticks placed in between layers of timber, fundamental in promoting airflow through the complete pack during drying. M&M Timber has 250 cubic metres of capacity kilns, this equates to roughly 10 artic loads of timber. Each Kiln is equipped with sensors
which probe into the timbers and read the moisture content.

Moisture levels in fresh timbers are normally extremely high. As M&M Timber uses a high-pressure method to drive Tanalith-E into the sapwood of the Agricised® timbers, it is therefore pivotal that moisture content is reduced before treating, this allows as much uptake of the wood preservative as possible. In Spruce M&M Timber will dry timbers to an average of 40% as this is the optimum level for this species.

The kiln-dried timbers are loaded into pressure treatment vessels and Tanalith-E wood preservative is forced under high pressure into the sapwood to offer a greater level of protection. This treatment, along with the incising technology, delivers an effective zone of confidence in the area prone to decay.

Available in a range of sizes and with anti-twist four-sided point, all Agricised® timbers are offered with a 15-year anti-rot warranty*, no quibble replacement policy in the event of a post failing due to rot

Agricised® timbers meet UC4 standards (BS8417) which are fully audited by not only M&M Timber’s chemical supplier Lonza, but also by an additional third-party quality scheme through the WPA (Wood Protection Association) Benchmark audits.

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