When it comes to specifying high-security fencing, there’s a range of options to choose from according to a recent blog post from Staffordshire-based Barkers Fencing.

The blog reads “The two main choices are palisade security fencing or mesh security fencing. Both offer different benefits but are designed to do the same thing; to protect high-value assets and sensitive sites.

“Barkers Fencing is well placed and in a unique position to discuss the merits of both systems. It is not simply a case of mesh is good and palisade is bad.

“Depending on the intruder’s experience and access to various tools, standard palisade and mesh can be breached fairly quickly therefore it is often used as a demarcation solution.

“High-security derivatives are available for both systems however, there are benefits and downfalls for each.”

Both systems are highlighted in detail within the blog which can be found at

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